ITALIANY is a photographic study of the individual journeys of Italians, born and raised in Italy, who are now living, working and loving in New York and across the United States. The project is a collection of iconic black and white portraits shot on location.
The location is an essential part of the project because the subjects in collaboration with the photographer decide where and how they want to be photographed. They choose to have their portraits taken in their houses, their workplaces, or favorite, memorable places in the city.
These locations are important in identifying the new home they have made for themselves as they redefine their culture in a new country. ITALIANY: A play on words of “italiani” (pron. of italians in italian) Italians + NY. The project started in New York because of the many Italians who have come to New York with dreams of a new future, but the project has since grown to include Miami, Hawaii and Los Angeles, adapting the project’s name to ITALIANY.US. For many of them who were able to leave their beloved country, the U.S. had provided that fertile ground for them to realize their new lives. It is this flight, motivated purely by the dreams and courage of these people, that I strive to capture in each photograph of them in the new place they have found for themselves.For this reason my project does not focus on a particular type of profession, age or social class and its not based on the success achieved, but it is a 360 degree picture of the Italian society abroad, in this moment in history. All fields of art, sports, food, science, law and finance, are represented by these hard working and talented people. “Italians in NY, Italians and NY, Italians and their environment in a very stylish way, this is the way I want to present this dream that gives us reasons to be proud of our identity, and this is the reason each portraits is a collaboration more than a simple portrait. Each photo is an individual project where the subject is part of the process in the decision of how to present itself and above at all where” says Wandael.


ALEXO WANDAELBorn and raised in Bolzano, Italy he studied architecture in Ferrara, before to move to Berlin, LA and NY where he now resides. After 10 years of practice he decided to follow his passion: photography. His genuine love for portraiture, his knowledge of art/architecture and understanding of style made his work and name recognizable in the industry. His work has been seen in magazines such as Vogue Italia, Uomo Vogue, Vanity Fair, Russian Vogue, Russian Elle, Amica, AD Italia, The Observer and The Telegraph. Among his clients: Bulgari, Hermes, Chopard, Nike, Vivienne Westwood and Nike. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Roberto Bolle, Oleg Cassini, Patch Adams and Paco Rabanne are among his portraits. His fine art work was shown in Europe and US and it is present in the permanent collection of the FIT Museum in NY. In 2012 Wandael was in Afghanistan for a reportage about the female jails conditions and the military training of afghan women. In 2013 completed a 5900miles solo coast to coast on his motorcycle to create a beautiful photographic book: Dear America from NY to SF. “I would love to dedicate this project to all those Italians who left their families, their comforts, their mamma by honoring, with my modest contribution, their courage, their sacrifices and their achievements. I think that is a deserved tribute to my beautiful country that forged such incredible talents”.



Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò was founded with the specific intent of spreading Italian culture and with the motto “All we who are learned are Italians” involves itself with prominent Italian artists, scholars and politicians, whose presence constantly engages new points of discussion, opening and encouraging dialog with Americans on Italian life and culture.



BBAX gallery currently plays as a nexus between artists, Cultural Art Centers, Museums and countries throughout art around the world, and as an important reference point with the International Art Exchange Program. The main mission is to have a powerful programs for exhibitions, workshops, and artists-in-residence, establishing exchanges among countries in order to strengthen international cultural relations and engage local communities while promoting new and emerging forms of artistic expressions.


Peroni ItalyCreated in 1963 in Italy, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Italy’s No. 1 premium beer, launched in the United States in 2005, today is enjoyed across six continents. The brand’s history, taste, design and partnerships with well-known Italian chefs, designers and exclusive fashion events reinforce the beer’s stylish Italian heritage. Built on a foundation of excellence, Peroni’s name and branding are a symbol of the style, distinction and quality that Italy has been exporting to the world ever since.


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A visual celebration of Italians working, living and loving in NY and in the US