Issue #45

Aldo Andreoli


A baby boomer born in Torino, I discovered my passion for travel short after I graduated in architecture. I spent some time as a hippy in India and South America, before landing in New York City in the mid-eighties. New york has been my home since then, with some diversions in Hawaii, Arizona and California.

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What do you do in your life (work and fun)?

For work and for fun I manage my design business.

What made you leave Italy and chose NYC?

I was always fascinated and attracted by the cosmopolitan, open-minded and creative energy coming from New York. As a young man my idols were Andy Warhol, Lou Reed and David Byrne. Italy felt too small and too provincial to spend the rest of my life there.

Please share your best memory in the City.

In the late eighties I was wondering together with a girlfriend through the empty streets of Tribeca during a lazy summer evening. At the time this area of downtown was dirty, abandoned and full of big rats. We sat on a curb of a dark street to rest and smoke a cigarette when suddenly, like in a vision, a shining beautiful red ferrari daytona arrived and parked right in front of us. A very stylish man opened the door and came out. With my tick italian accent I asked him: “Do you realize that you are driving probably the best car ever constructed?”. He appeared not surprised by my remark when he looked at me and answered with a beautiful british accent: “As far as sport cars are concerned you are probably right!”. He did not wait for my answer before rapidly disappearing behind an old door covered with graffiti.

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?

The New York Dock Building is very interesting not only for its massive size, but especially for its location and historic relevance. This industrial structure is so fascinating in its raw beauty, that it’s hard to resist the desire to explore every corner of it. As an architect I’m very excited at the opportunity to work at its conversion to a mixed-use condominium project.

Your thought about this project, ITALIANY.US

I think it’s very interesting to read the stories of other italians from my generation that choose New York as a place to live.

How would you describe being an ambassador of the italian style/culture abroad?

Now I love it. When I first moved here I was feeling as if I was living in another planet. Let’s not forget that in the late eighties it was difficult to find a good Espresso in Manhattan.

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