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Alessandra Tarissi De Jacobis

L'Eclettica 8x

A veteran international entertainment and business affairs attorney, Alessandra Tarissi De Jacobis is admitted both to the Italian and California Bar. She has recently founded her own business and legal affairs boutique after having headed the U.S. division of a leading global law firm. Her oversight includes audiovisual financing, production and coproduction negotiations, talent agreements and contracts, licensing and development, and union/guild regulation. Alessandra serves as a governor of the Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA) Board of Governors and of IALA (Italian American Lawyers Association) board, chair of the BHBA’s international committee, and chair of the IP Committee of the American Bar Association, International Law Section.

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What do you do in your life (work and fun)?

My nick name would have not been “Eclettica” if I had ready a simple answer to this question. I will try to make the long story as short as possible: I am an attorney, but also a passionate gourmet, a cook, a writer (I have published 14 books of recipes published by Newton and Compton, among which the first book of Nutella recipes), a reviewer for the Italian restaurant guide Gambero Rosso, and a sommelier. Last but not least I am editor in chief of the magazine “The Global Fashion Lawyer” published by the BHBA (Where art, fashion and lifestyle meet law). All this would not be possible without being fueled daily with good energy and positive vibes. On top of taking advantage of my personal energy reserves (my mom is pretty sure that I have fallen into a magic potion immediately after I was born) I daily take an extra bonus of good energy by practicing sport. However, as for everything else in my life, I cannot be engaged in a sport without passion, commitment and without considering it as a personal challenge. After being a runner and marathoner for many years, I am now truly in love with rowing. Rowing is also a family tradition since my grandfather was a great rower in Roma and my father followed him. Here in LA I have rowed indoor almost 1.5 million km in the Row House in Santa Monica and I wake up three times per week almost at sunrise to row in the Marina. It is the perfect start of the day: connecting with water, feeling the ocean waking up, sea lions and seals, the good morning kiss of the sun to the ocean. Pure energy necessary for an authentic “eclettica” to face the day at her best!

What made you leave Italy and chose Los Angeles?

I have left Italy to move to LA in 2018, with my family: we were lucky enough to win the green card lottery and my son Francesco, at that time, was a teenager. My husband and I did not have any doubt that it would have been for Francesco a great opportunity and we also needed a break from Milano where we had lived for almost 20 years. Milano gave us a lot but it also took somehow away part of my soul. I am a dreamer and I was not dreaming any longer. I was simply going through new hard challenges, one after the other, but few space for fantasy and dreams was left. I had the chance to live here in LA in 1991 for few months and, since then, I am truly in love with this city. When I was in Italy I was often thinking about LA and I was missing it. I love everything about LA: the ocean, the beaches, the trees, the architecture, the large avenues, the hills, the sun and, you won’t believe me, but now I also like the distances and the traffic that allow me to take my time in my car to listen to some good music and to make casual calls to my friends and family in Italy, chatting while driving in LA large avenues. But, most of all, I think that LA is the city of dreams. A crazy city where dreams can come true simply because somehow you are able to dream again. When I told to my friends and family that we were leaving all we had built in Milano they called me “crazy”. My nephews starts to call Me “La Zia matta” (ie crazy auntie); however, quoting the audition of Emma Stone in La La Land: “A bit of madness is key to give us new colors to see… who knows where it will lead us? And that’s why they need us”… and just like that, “La Zia matta”, “ the fool who dreams” moved to La La Land and… I would do it again…

Please share your best memory in the City.

My best memory of the city is actually a recurring one: each time the flight that brings me back to LA is approaching and ready to land at LAX, I look out of the airplane window: seeing this huge city below me makes me feel so excited that I cry for joy. This city gives me emotions and positive vibes that are difficult to describe. I think that the City of Angels will not get rid of me anytime soon.

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?

Actually we have chosen two locations which better represent myself in LA and I really love them. The first one is located in the Pacific Palisades, over the edge facing the Ocean and the PCH. This is one of my favorite spot in LA because, with its full view overlooking the ocean, makes me feel free, energized and powerful at the same time. The second one is Marina del Rey, during my session on a 8x boat with my team! Rowing in a 8x is my favorite because it is all about teaming up and connecting with my fellow rowers and the water. I simply love it! About the outfit: I love white dresses. White is the color of angels, is elegant and simple but at the same time is fresh and clean. LA is the city of angels and every day it represents a fresh and clean start.

Your thought about this project, ITALIANY.US

I think that Italiany is a great project. Watching the pictures and reading the bios and interviews of the great Italian people that have contributed so far, it is clear that our community is full of excellences and I am really grateful to Alexo to have included me in such an amazing group. I feel to be part of history.

How would you describe being an ambassador of the Italian style/culture abroad?

I am very proud to be considered an ambassador of Italian style. This is a true honor and at the same time a hard task. However Italy is a country that represents at the same time different and unique styles. Not only south and north but also every single Italian region has somehow a different style. I don’t think that such diversity can be represented by one person only. I was born in Bolzano, in the northern part of Italy, raised in Rome and lived for a long time in Milano. It is really challenging to represent all the different styles of these places, but I am doing my best to be at least a fair ambassador of the style of the places where I have belonged for many years.

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