Issue #83

Gregorio Maldini

Il Maratoneta Col Bisturi

I was born in Rome on march 12 1965. Graduated from medical school in 1990. completed a residency in general surgery in Rome in 1995. I always loved tropical beaches but I needed advanced surgical  training. So I moved to Hawaii for five years and to Miami for another 2 years. Came back to Italy in 2003 but the fog and rain of northern Italy (Bergamo) were not for me. In 2007 I moved back to Hawaii to enjoy Triathlon training and surfing.

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What do you do in your life (work and fun)?

Currently I’m an hepatobiliary surgeon at Straub Hospital in Honolulu.

What made you leave Italy and chose Honolulu?

I left Italy because working conditions and salary were simply out of sanity. Liver transplant surgery at 20 euros an hour before taxes. I did not want to be a slave. I hated corruption, bad weather and terrible tax system.

Please share your best memory in the City.

Best memories are too many, but swimming or running at sunset after a successful complex operation makes me feel really good! 

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?

Hawaii for outdoor water enthusiast is simply the best place in the world! Hospital system is excellent too.

Your thought about this project, ITALIANY.US

Italiany is very interesting and our italian politicians should take note. Why the best are leaving the country and most important why they are not coming back!

How would you describe being an ambassador of the italian style/culture abroad?

Always good mood and a smile while riding my red Ducati to work or to the beach.

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