Issue #6

Dalila Pasotti

La Creatrice

Dalila Pasotti is a Turin-born designer and musician as well as an award-winning equestrienne along with a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Turin.  She moved to New York ten years ago to follow her passion for music and arts, gaining exposure in New York City’s Lower East Side music scene while writing cultural communiqués for an Italian newspaper. She began making her own adornments to wear on stage and in photo shoots and, intoxicated by the power of jewelry as an art form, her designs grew more luxurious, incorporating a lifelong love of precious stones. Together with her music, this jewelry represents the full spectrum of Dalila’s life and vision.

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What do you do in your life (work and fun)?

I mostly design and create jewelry and run my jewelry business, as well as creating music. Let’s say that I make my own art in all its forms. And, yes, I go to shows, exhibits, and Sunday brunches, spend time with my friends as much as I can, read books, daydream, shop, draw…

What made you leave Italy and chose NYC?

I had to follow my artistic call and back then New York felt right, I can’t even quite explain why. It might have been the music I was listening to or just an inner sign.

Please share your best memory in the City

In 10 years time it’s pretty hard to choose one memory, a lot of amazing things happened to me. It would be a crime to pick just one and too long to make a list.  

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?

The location is basically my neighborhood. Nothing feels more like home than those streets. I’ve lived there for a long time, and  I have just good memories about it. The outfit as well, is basically what I wear everyday; I stayed true to myself. 

Your thought about this project, ITALIANY.US

It’s great, I’ve overheard about who are the other people involved in the project and I’m just honored to be in it. All determined people, with a strong personality and a story to tell. A very beautiful portrait of young Italians, what we should really be known for abroad.  There are a lot of us, especially in NYC. 

How would you describe being an ambassador of the italian style/culture abroad?

I always try to stay true to myself, which means I will always have a big part of Italy in me. I will never try to hide it or pretend I’m the quintessential New Yorker, because I will never be. At the same time, I feel like a little bit of a New Yorker by now. It’s such a bizarre mixed feeling. Nevertheless, I’ve never followed any trend and I never fully integrate into any crowd or fashion movement, so as a result I feel I’m unique for better and worse, and quite frankly, I love it. 

  • Manhattan, NY


  • Time

    150 mins

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A visual celebration of Italians working, living and loving in NY and in the US