Issue #96

Guido Argentini

L'Artista Visuale

Guido Argentini was born in Florence, Italy. He studied Medicine for three years at the university of Florence. At 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession and started to shoot fashion and beauty. Since 1990 he lives in the USA, in Los Angeles. His work has been published by some of the leading magazines in the world and collected in five books: “Silvereye”, “Private Rooms”, “Reflections”, “Shades of a woman” and “Argentum”.

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What do you do in your life (work and fun)?

What I do for work and what I do for fun are always mixed up. I love my job, taking pictures and making films is my passion and It’s hard to separate pleasure from work. Another thing I love to do is play Tennis.

What made you leave Italy and chose Los Angeles?

I originally came to LA to go to film school but I ended up never attending any school. I have been starting do work with film in the past two years.

Please share your best memory in the City.

Watching sunsets from my balcony over looking the city.

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?

I love the sense of freedom I always felt living in Usa. If I originally chose LA because of the movie industry, I ended up falling in love with LA and with California because of the nature and the amazing weather. The locations for shoots are amazing, you have the ocean, the desert and the mountains all close by to the city.

Your thought about this project, ITALIANY.US

Very interesting project as long as it becomes a book.

How would you describe being an ambassador of the italian style/culture abroad?

I don’t know if I can call myself an “ambassador” of Italy. I have never really been attached to the concept of nation. I have always been an individualist. What I feel confident to say is that I would not have been able to accomplish what I have done in the past 20 years if I would have lived in Italy instead than in the USA.

  • Los Angeles, CA


  • Time

    120 mins

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