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Roberto Brembilla

Il Realizzatore di Sogni

Roberto always dreamt of being a cowboy and living in the Wild West. His childhood was filled with Tex Willer comics, Bonanza TV episodes, and the legendary John Wayne. Today, he has successfully transformed his lifestyle and enjoys riding horses and roping steers in the boundless deserts of Arizona. Roberto was born in Bergamo, the son of a family of entrepreneurs. His father owned a well-known company called RB ROSSANA CUCINE, where Roberto worked initially. Later, he left to start his own business, which turned out to be a success. After moving from Bergamo to Como, Roberto founded GRANCASA Grandi Magazzini della Casa, in Lombardy and Veneto. He sold the company in 1991. When he turned 36, the sale of his company GRANCASA allowed him to dedicate himself to his passions. He continued working, first in Italy and later in America, according to his own words “not for the need for profit but rather for the pleasure of creating new things”. In 1994, after a period in the States, he moved to Bolgheri in Tuscany. There, he founded CHE MERAVIGLIA ARREDAMENTI in 1996, an entrepreneurial project that started seven large home shopping centers between Livorno, Pisa, and Florence. In 2002, Roberto returned to Arizona and founded Last Freedom, again according to his words, “his last residence”. He continues to live in Scottsdale, AZ, today dedicating his time to his forever passion of being a cowboy as well as spending time with his wife Juna and mentoring his kids in various endeavors.

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What do you do in your life (work and fun)?

I am an entrepreneur who has had many successes in Italy and also successes in America where I live in Arizona permanently since 2011 but back and forth from Italy since 2002.. At the moment my work is in Edge Fund and financial business. For fun instead I do rodeo and I experience the particular world of that sector which brings more meaning to life than a simple sport. It’s also my “fun” to be with my children and work on multiple fronts together with them and then above all with my young wife Juna as well as with my group of friends…

What made you leave Italy and chose Scottsdale?

In 1991 I sold my large company in Italy and took a very large amount of money which allowed me to stop working at 36 even though I then started other operations. However, since I loved the United States where I had been several times I spent more than two years (1991/92 ) traveling around many States in the US and I decided that in the years to come I would have gradually moved to America and brought the whole family there, that are, the four children… Which eventually happened. Traveling throughout America in those two years, I found the absolute best place to live for my tastes and 30 years later it is still Arizona, a splendid State…

Please share your best memory in the City.

Obviously there are many memories… The best one is my sport in the Rodeo, that is, Team Roping which I have been practicing for many years with very good results and the horseback riding trips in the splendid parks…

What made you choose this specific location and outfit?

Nine months of beautiful weather and climate (the only three months that are too hot are June, July and August), the size of Arizona is exactly like that of Italy except that it has 7 million inhabitants instead of 60 million as in Italy… The splendid western side mood in Arizona, the desert with saguaro cactus but also the mountains full of pines and firs as well as areas with splendid lakes.

Your thoughts about this project, ITALIANY.US

I think that is an inventive and highly emotional idea that brings the inimitable Italian culture back to the disposal of the entire planet.

How would you describe being an ambassador of the Italian style/culture abroad?

Italians are the best population in the world… All this is due to their infinite history and unparalleled culture, so bringing this possession around and implementing it in the rest of the world is only a positive and useful fact. The only thing that doesn’t work in Italy (a beautiful Country) is the “system” while in America the system is wonderful and extremely functional.

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